Published : 09/19/2019 08:40:32

symptoms of stress

The symptoms of this condition very often appear muted and can be confused with simple passenger illnesses.

1 irritability
2 migraine headaches
3 fatigue
4 sleep disorders
5 weight loss as well as sudden weight gain
6 stomach pain and nausea

Here these are the first alarm bells from don't underestimate!
But watch out for these little clues:

Stiff neck and sore shoulders. For men the pains in the lower back, while for women problems in the upper part, can represent a common side effect of stress.

Unexplained excessive thirst.
Hair loss, a sign that the immune system has started to attack the follicles.
Teeth grinding in your sleep.
Forget the simplest things ... If you happen to remember too little or not where you put the keys, pay attention. Chronic stress can reduce spatial memory.

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