Published : 02/12/2020 11:04:40


Vitamin D3 is fundamental for the health of our body, as it comes into play in numerous biological functions of our body.
Vitamin D3 is necessary for the strengthening of bones, also promoting mineralization and growth, necessary for the proper functioning of our immune system, necessary to counteract inflammatory processes and for the proper functioning of our nervous system.
Although it is so necessary, we often lack it, and this can affect our health and lead to the development of chronic diseases.

THE CHOICE OF TERRANOVA IS TO PROVIDE TWO FORMULATIONS, of highly absorbable vegetable Vitamin D3 (obtained from lichens), ONE FOR CHILDREN AND ONE FOR ADULTS.
D3 transforms more effectively and quickly into the active form, consequently the values of vitamin D in the body improve more quickly.
In the formula for children there are no Shitake mushrooms that could stimulate the immune system of the child and of course change the dosage. For children, Vitamin D3 is essential for the correct growth of bones and teeth, for a correct development of the immune system and to protect brain structures. In addition, several studies give Vitamin D3 anti-inflammatory properties, therefore extremely useful for controlling allergic and skin problems that often occur in the first years of life.

FOR CHILDREN Vitamin D3 Green Child:
› for the development of the immune system
› for the correct growth of bones and teeth
›t o combat allergic and skin problems

FOR ADULTS Vitamin D3 complex, 2000 IU:
› improves the function of the immune system
› for healthy bones and teeth
› for muscle function
› for the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus

Terranova, as always, replaces the excipients with active components, which make the product even more effective. These components are active plant extracts such as pumpkin seeds (which contain vegetable oils that facilitate their absorption), coriander leaves (rich in Vitamin K, which enhance the action on bone mineralization and cardiovascular well-being), shitake mushrooms (in the adult formulation) and spirulina (rich in Vitamin D3).
Both products are 100% vegan and extremely bioactive, completely pure, natural and without contamination.
Good Life with Vitamin D3 Terranova !!

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