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coconut oil for the hair

For those who love the natural, organic and ecological at 360 degrees, for body and environment, summer is the best time to dedicate oneself to personal well-being with precious natural oils, each of which has its peculiarities. In nature we find seeds, fruits and plants from which wonderful multi-functional skin oils can be extracted through pressing. Thanks to their content in essential fatty acids, active ingredients and vitamins, they are all excellent anti-aging products, but also with costs much lower than those of “jewelery” cosmetics. Not at random, many of these oils are included in cosmetics, even in the most sophisticated ones. But even in its pure state, they are very valid and we can use them to moisturize, cleanse and make silky skin and hair. And then, practical: we can only use one product for multiple functions. In fact, the same oil can be used to remove make-up, to moisturize the skin of the face and body, to take a bath and to restore fullness to damaged hair (typical of summer) or too thin. Moreover, unlike cosmetic products, oils do not contain preservatives and are therefore well tolerated even by sensitive skin. It is important to preserve them correctly: they easily alter when exposed to light and air and can become rancid and become irritating to the skin. They must be kept in the classic dark glass bottles, and be careful: before using them, check the expiry date and the smell they emit to check that they are not altered. So let's see how to use them for different parts of the body.

How to use hair oil Vegetable oils are useful when the hair is dry or brittle from the sun, sea water, dyes or perms. In all these cases the oil makes the hair more elastic and shiny, since it compacts the keratin lamellae, the structural protein of the hair.
The ideal is to make a compress before shampooing, distributing the oil over the entire length of the damp hair and letting it work for half an hour, or even all night, if the hair is very dry. You can then remove it with a normal shampoo. The oil can also be added in small quantities (a teaspoon) in a cup of hot water to the shampoo for a gentle and moisturizing cleansing. COCONUT OIL (coconut oil) It is the "top" for the hair, as shown by the Tahitian women (even those portrayed by Gaugin!) Since in Tahiti it is a millenary tradition. Extracted from the coconut pulp, it has always been considered an excellent cosmetic protective ingredient, and you will have found it many times in sun cosmetics and soaps. In its natural state, due to its body, it is particularly suitable for restoring shine to hair as a compress (about 30 minutes) before shampooing.

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