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Published : 01/10/2020 12:54:33
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We at Terranova see another future
The concept of Terranova's formulation is innovative but at the same time rooted in the company's deeply ethical and holistic principles.

Supplements are most effective thanks to the active ingredients present, so we ask ourselves: "Why are almost all supplements on the market full of inactive ingredients?"
Although additives can make it more easy, faster and more profitable production, we at Terranova believe that product quality, purity and integrity are more important than maximizing our own profitability; we do not have tablet products because the production of tablets requires the use of excipients while in the case of capsules the use of excipients would not be necessary, however we note that almost all the supplements encapsulated on the market also contain one or more additives.

The key ingredients of Terranova supplements are not just nutrients (e.g. isolated minerals or vitamins). Each product also contains its own complex of highly synergistic plant ingredients, called Magnifood, designed to improve absorption and bioavailability, provide a wide range of phytonutrients and protect the ingredients from oxidative damage.
Many of the ingredients botanists used by Terranova are fresh freeze-dried, the biochemical profile of a fresh freeze-dried plant is very similar to the profile of the original live plant, but with a higher concentration, due to the removal of the moisture of the plant.
In other words, the components fresh freeze-dried botanicals from Terranova are a highly concentrated version of the original plant.

The difference is clear!
Welcome to the future of supplements.

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