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Multivitamin Man :
Multivitaminico Man is a specific formulation for men in every phase of life, in fact it contains minerals and vitamins with a dosage appropriate to the metabolic needs of man.


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The Terranova dietary supplement brand is an exclusive British brand, which offers top quality active nutrient forms and replaces harmful excipients with the patented natural mix of intact organic or wild plants from the Magnifood complex.

All Terranova food supplements are the result of scientific studies supported by tests and are designed in compliance with holistic concepts. They also represent a new paradigm in the development of food supplements.

Terranova products do not contain harmful ingredients; all - no exceptions - are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians, contain top quality active nutrients, excellent probiotic strains and of course the Magnifood complex. The latter has been associated with modern phytotherapy, supported by scientific tests, functional medicine and the ancient notions of oriental medicine and folk medicine.


Multivitaminico Man is a specific formulation for man in every phase of life, it contains minerals and vitamins with a dosage that is adequate to the metabolic needs of man The choice of Terranova to formulate specific multivitamins based on sex is derived from the intention to personalize the products as much as possible and thus make them as effective as possible. Almost all nutrients are necessary in both sexes, but many times the necessary elements and quantities change (the Iron in the Man Multivitamin is not present, for example), for this we find the dosage of the single nutrients, such as in the specific multivitamins, such as to reinforce and support the specific physiological functions of man.

The dosages of Zinc, Vitamin E, Lycopene and Magnesium have been increased in the human multivitamin to support male metabolism. Iron has not been placed because in man there is hardly a lack of this mineral, unlike women. We find some lyophilized extracts in the Magnifood complex specific for cardiovascular well-being, such as the Aronia, the beetroot, the ginger and the grape seeds (rich in resveratrol), in addition to magnesium and vitamin E, because in the male sex it is easier to find increased cardiovascular risk. Finally we have the presence, in the Magnifood complex, of Maca, pumpkin seeds and high levels of zinc to support hormonal production.





›Vitamins and minerals are contained in effective doses.
› Vitamins and minerals are added in the active forms, which are easily absorbed and easier for the body to use. Many supplement manufacturers use low-cost inactive forms that have low absorption.
›They also contain trace elements.
› They contain active biological substances, essential for biochemical processes in the body.
›Not contain harmful additives, sugar or sweeteners and preservatives.
›They contain suitable foods that create the conditions in the stomach and intestines for better absorption and maximum use in the body.


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terranova priva di eccipienti nocivi


Il produttore Terranova è uno tra i rarissimi produttori mondiali di integratori alimentari privi di eccipienti, ovvero di filler. Gli eccipienti ottenuti con la sintesi chimica, sono sostanze usuali degli integratori alimentari e da soli non sono dei nutrienti, pertanto non hanno effetti fisiologici positivi; possono addirittura essere nocivi. Quello che voi non mettereste nello smoothie o nel brodo, noi di Terranova non lo mettiamo nell’integratore alimentare.


gli antiagglomeranti ( lo stearato di magnesio),  i coloranti (la tartrazina), i lubrificanti (il diossido di silicio), gli emulgatori ( i polisorbati), gli aromi (per il sapore e l’odore), i pigmenti ( l’ossido di ferro), le sostanze riempitive (i filler) che si utilizzano per aumentare la massa dell’integratore alimentare finale, i dolcificanti ( il sorbitolo, il mannitolo), ecc.



The Magnifood Complex, made from intact plants of biological and wild origin, dried with the cryogenic process (freeze-drying), is a prestigious innovation of Terranova, which is added in place of harmful excipients. In preparing the individual lines of food supplements, particular attention is paid to the nutricinetic properties of plant components. To obtain the best physiological effect, each micronutrient must be perfectly absorbed, distributed, possibly metabolized, and must work together in normal physiological processes. We are however aware that no micronutrient acts alone: it must participate in numerous synergistic interactions with enzymes, co-factors and other nutrients. The efficacy of the dietary supplement is influenced by various factors, such as genetics, nutrition, lifestyle, sex, age and stress level. Assuming the micronutrient, integrated with the Magnifood complex, the sum of the effects of the micronutrient's reciprocal action with the specific nutrients of the Magnifood complex, or their synergistic action, represents a greater overall biological and clinical effect of the food supplement.


MAGNIFOOD of the Man Multivitamin Complex

Spirulina - is a rich source of pigments (ie chlorophyll, carotenoids and cocyanine); highly digestible proteins (usually over 55%); vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and powerful enzymes.

Stabilized rice bran - rich source of vitamin E and its isomers, B vitamins, minerals, fibers and essential fatty acids. Furthermore, there are even 100 different antioxidant compounds (eg alpha lipoic acid which recycles vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q 10) and superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that has the task of protecting cells from oxidative stress.

Maca - is a potato originating from South America, extremely useful as an energizer and a tonic on a physical level. It has an aphrodisiac action, and in humans it stimulates hormonal production and increases testosterone levels. Stimulates spermatogenesis.

Acai and Aronia Berries - they are rich in proanthocyanins and flavonoids with strong antioxidant power, extremely useful as vascular protectors and to support microcirculation

Beetroot juice and leaves - rich in folate, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and copper; contains betaine, a methyl group donor molecule, useful for lowering homocysteine levels

Pumpkin Seeds - they are natural sources of Zinc, very important minerals for humans.



Spirulina 200 mg
Crusca di riso stabilizzata 150 mg
Maca radice 100 mg
Aronia ** bacche liofilizzate 75 mg
Acai ** bacche liofilizzate 50 mg
Barbabietola**/Verde foglie liofilizzate 50 mg
Zucca semi 50 mg
Mirtillo** bacca liofilizzata 50 mg
Zenzero** Rizoma liofilizzato 25 mg
Semi d’uva, estratto 10 mg
Vitamina C (L-ascorbato di calcio e magnesio) 150 mg
Vitamina E (Succinato acido di D-alfa-tocoferile 100iu) 101 mg
Magnesio (Magnesio ossido, citrato e ascorbato) 70 mg
Calcio carbonato, citrato e ascorbato 35 mg
Acido pantotenico (D-pantotenato di calcio ) 25 mg
Vitamina B6 (piridossina cloridrato) 20 mg
Tiamina (vitamina B1) (tiamina mononidrato) 20 mg
Vitamina B2 (riboflavina) 20 mg
Niacina (nicotinamide) 20 mg
Inositolo 15 mg
Colina (come bitartrato) 15 mg
Bioflavonoidi da agrumi 15 mg
Zinco (zinco ascorbato) 15 mg
Acido alfalipoico 5 mg
Licopene (estratto di pomodoro [Solanum Lycopersicum] 5 mg
Betacarotene naturale/carotenoidi misti 4 mg
Manganese (manganese bisglicinato 1,5 mg
Rame (rame gluconato) 1,25 mg
Vitamina A (Palmitato di retinile prep.-2500iu) 751 μg
Boro (sodio borato) 500 mg
Folato (L-metilfolato di calcio) 200 μg
Iodio (come potassio iodide) 150 μg
Biotina 100 μg
Cromo (cromo picolinato) 50 μg
Selenio (L-selenometionina) 50 μg
Vitamina B 12 (come metilcobalamina) 50 μg
Vitamina K2 (come MenaQ7®***) 10 μg
Vitamina D 3 (come colecalciferolo da licheni) 400 iu 5 μg
Coating agent: (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)
* Daily nutritional reference value (adults) according to Reg. 1169/2011.
** From controlled organic farming
NB: The internal content of the capsule is free of additives, fillers, binders or other excipients
*** MenaQ7® is a registered trademark of NattoPharma, Norway



(*) Consult the bibliography >>



Take 1 to 3 capsules a day, preferably with meals.


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Multivitamin Man :
Multivitaminico Man is a specific formulation for men in every phase of life, in fact it contains minerals and vitamins with a dosage appropriate to the metabolic needs of man.