Pure Noni Juice 100% - 28 singledoses

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Pure Noni Juice 100% in practical single doses ready to use. 


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Noni Juice gives an essential substance - the proxeronine - which sometimes lacks in the everyday diet because of the agricultural exploitation and use of chemical ingredients. It supports the immune system and gives precious Vitamins and Minerals.

Beneficial effects: - it is 100% natural without any side effects and without preservatives, always fresh; - it is a powerful antioxidant; - it increases the psycological and physical energy and helps the assimilation of nutrients; - it reduces the recovery stages for sportspeople; - it helps the circulatory system of muscles and skeleton structure by giving precious anti-oxidants which helps the organism to eliminate free radicals and protects cells; - wathered down or added to other fruit juices, it gives you energy soon; - stronger and faster growing nails, hair; - brighter skin; - better sleep; - better sense of wellbeing;

Administration: 1 sachet per day for the first 4 days; 2 sachets per day 30 minutes before meals.

  • Valore Energetico5,1 Kcal
  • Grassi0 0,0 g
  • Carboidrati1,14 g
  • Fibre0,19 g
  • Proteine0,16 g
  • Vitamina C25,67 mg
  • Potassio2,03 mg
  • Ferro0,13 mg
  • Calcio0,17 mg
  • Fosforo0,68 mg
  • Magnesio12,6 mg
  • Sodio41 mg
  • Consegna in tutta Italia in 36 max 48 ore con corriere espresso.
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Ottimo prodotto nonostante il sapore!

Recupero in fretta la fatica e soprattutto mi fa dormire.


Le bustine sono il top

Il sapore del succo di Noni non è proprio il massimo ma si sopporta considerando che è una vera manna dal cielo. LE BUSTINE SONO IL TOP! Le porto sempre con me in borsa!

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Pure Noni Juice 100% - 28 singledoses

Pure Noni Juice 100% - 28 singledoses

Pure Noni Juice 100% in practical single doses ready to use.